Martial Arts and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Katy, TX

Sensei Paul Thomas

30+ years Experience in the Grappling Arts

Coached multiple BJJ Champion competitors,

Gi and No-Gi, Judo and MMA fighters.

4th Deg Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

8th Deg Black Belt in Judo

Tamurra Cup Winner 1994

Texas State Judo Champion 1995

Bahia State Jiu-jitsu Champion (Brazil) 1998

National Sombo Champion 1999

Pan American Sombo Champion 1999

Trainer of Several Local, Regional and National Professional and Amateur Champions

My Philosophy of Training and Teaching

"Basics are really important. If you try a move and it doesn't work, you should be able to trace it back to a mistake in your fundamentals. By looking at all of your moves that way, you can go back and fix your technique and improve it. Spend the time to work on the fundamentals so that you'll have a solid base to build your game on. I personally coach all of my students, and seeing each one make progress is deeply gratifying for me. Whether you are a white belt learning their first arm bar or a senior student competing for a championship, I want to help you improve. Everyone can learn this stuff, and I love teaching it to anyone who wants to learn."

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