Our Adult Martial Arts Classes in Katy Are Where Self-Defense Meets Fitness!

Our Adult Martial Arts classes use a blend of styles as a tool to help you improve every part of your life. From getting a great workout to reducing your stress and learning practical self-defense skills, what we teach at Jade Mountain Martial Arts has real benefits. You'll gain confidence, improve your focus, and reap the rewards in everything from your personal life to experiencing greater productivity in general. Anyone from across Katy is welcome to join us in learning the ins and outs of martial arts!

Our program incorporates elements of Northern Mantis Kung Fu, combined with Krav Maga self defense and high-energy Muay Thai kickboxing to give members a well-rounded source of instruction. Our certified instructors make sure to help every step of the way.

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What Makes Our Adult Martial Arts Classes Different?

Have you tried working out in a big box gym and struggled to keep motivated? Have you wanted to get results but lacked the encouragement, community support, and resources to stay on track? At Jade Mountain Martial Arts, we'll help you achieve your health and fitness goals -- and we'll do it with a personal touch.

Our Adult Martial Arts program use martial arts to help you lose weight, build lean muscle, and get a total-body workout. You'll sleep better and have more energy. You'll also experience the confidence that comes with learning self-defense! Join us in Katy and get professional guidance on both fitness and martial arts, plus connect with the incredible community we've developed here at Jade Mountain Martial Arts.

Adult Martial Arts near Katy

Enroll in Adult Martial Arts and get access to:
  • A sustainable routine to help lose weight and build muscle
  • Personalized guidance from experienced martial artists
  • Self-defense skills to protect yourself and your loved ones
  • An encouraging, uplifting community to support you

Training at Jade Mountain Martial Arts will offer you everything from reduced stress in your everyday life to greater energy. Our Adult Martial Arts classes are about more than just fitness. They're about connecting with our Katy community, about living a better and healthier life, and about learning self-defense. We want adults to enjoy the many health benefits that come with martial arts and empower themselves with the skills to thrive in an increasingly competitive world!

Adult Martial Arts near Katy

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Jade Mountain Martial Arts proudly caters to individuals of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities. If you're interested in our Adult Martial Arts program but you have concerns or reservations, feel free to speak with one of our caring instructors about how we can help you connect with martial arts! We offer the highest quality and most inclusive program in the Katy area, and we'd be proud to have you.

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